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Tariff table

  • Daytime: Monday-Friday 06.00-22.00
  • Night-time: Monday-Friday 22.00-06.00
  • Weekend: from Friday 22.00 to Monday 06.00


Extra fees:

  • highway fee
  • parking
  • ferry
  • in the case of more than 24 hours of trip (accommodation, meals, or daily fee)

I make concessions from the above tariffs and the individual services according to the extent of the order!  
We are looking forward to Your order!
Engage our capacities all the year round!

I accept orders after confirmation, with knowledge of the following data:

  • exact departure time
  • address (street, house no.) of departure and arrival
  • number of passengers
  • amount of luggage
  • individual wishes

Transport outside the city
In case of a trip outside the city, Hajdú Taxi measures the tariff in only one direction;


You can account for Your fares according to the invoice made out by us.


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