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We recommend:

For travel agencies:
Hajdú taxi's 6-passenger bus limousines carry out the transport from the neighboring towns and settlements to buses departing from Debrecen or the trip home at the end of a holiday trip.
Application areas:
Hotels, Debreceni Airport, Budapesti Airport, Taxi Transfer, for companies of smaller number, concerts, football matches, spas

For private entities:
Choose the city's unique, biggest, most comfortable Taxis and call us. It is not necessary to order two vehicles at a double price for 5 or 6 people.

Look for the vehicles furnished with the Hajdú taxi emblem at the taxi stands.

Choose the vehicle most convenient for You from our fleet and call the number indicated there.

For companies:

  • Do not tie up several millions of Your capital
  • Do not spend on fuel, garages, or repair
  • You do not have to increase Your staff with drivers

For hotels and hostels:
For the high-standard services in our offer when in need of a Taxi, serve Your guests with our spacious cars, suitable for carrying 6 people and providing the experience of a convenient trip. We are able to provide You with high-standard Taxis with a courteous service. Thus You can be sure that the high standard of Your facilities does not decrease during the trip in a Hajdú Taxi. We are able to provide optional excursion services for small groups.

Extra services

  • Administration
  • Representation
  • Flower-parcel transport
  • Trailer service
  • Sightseeing in Debrecen
  • Wedding car
  • Spare driver service
Leave everything to us Professionals!
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